Sunday, May 22, 2005

Lightroom does Vegas!

Well I liked Vegas. I had never been there and totally expected to be dissappointed. It was O the Cirqu de Soleil show that did it for me. Diving through fire and I am convinced now it is the best show I've ever seen. I stayed in the tacky LUXOR glass pyramid with the monorail tram stop, which was broken, that takes you about 100 feet and back. Kind of like Marta only cooler looking cars. I met Thom Mayne at Tsunami saw Calatrava get the Gold and rock the house with his live drawing performance and spoke to a packed house about Lightroom and the dissertation at the National AIA convention. (see
Jim Fausett travelled with me and I was able to make it to Vbar(owned by Diannes Bush's amazing aunt) THE hotel and Mix which were both super cool. The three billion dollar WYNN was a big downer of schlocky watered down awkward classicism. You just cannot throw money at something and expect it to get better. Vegas was tacky and fake and shallow and all the great things the Americans seem to like just like Venturi described 40 years ago and we are still Learning.....

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